Leave a Legacy

Tufted duck with youngTufted duck with young - Mandy West

Some gifts are never forgotten... Imagine leaving a gift that could truly last for generations, a gift that means your generosity can allow others to enjoy Lincolnshire’s wildlife and wild places for the future - just like you did.

Leaving a legacy in your Will to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust could make that difference.

Every single gift in your Will, however large or small, counts. At Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust we’ve been dedicated to looking after wildlife locally for more than 60 years, so you can be sure that every penny you choose to leave in our care will be well spent.

Making a Will

Including the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust in a Will is usually simple and straightforward, and can help limit the tax payable on your estate. But making a Will is a task for an expert and we advise you to consult your solicitor, accountant or high street bank specialist for guidance.

You can choose to make a bequest to the Trust of a fixed amount or a proportion of your net estate after the payment of other bequests and expenses. Fixed amounts are swiftly eroded by inflation, so a proportion of the residue is preferable.

If you wish to bequeath land, property or belongings to the Trust we ask that you discuss your intentions with us. We are also glad to discuss suitable wording for bequests.

Want to know more?

We’re here to talk when you’re ready. We know you’ll want to take time to think about your family, loved ones and others you care for as you consider your Will, but when the time is right, you can call us for an informal conversation about what a lasting legacy gift could mean.

Information your advisor will need when drawing up a Will

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