Ladybird Survey

Harlequin ladybird - Paul Hobson

We're asking our young Wildlife Watch members to help us find out how well ladybirds are doing in Lincolnshire. If you like ladybirds and are good at spotting them, please help by taking part in our Lincolnshire Ladybird Survey.

Did you know?

  • Not all ladybirds are red with black spots. There are all sorts of colours including red, orange, brown, yellow and cream.
  • There are 46 species of ladybird in the UK, but only 26 look like the "ladybirds" that we recognise. Only 22 species have so far been found in Lincolnshire. 

If you need help with identifying your ladybird visit the Ladybird Survey website.

Please click below to download our ladybird survey form. Thank you!


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Lincolnshire Ladybird Survey Form (Word)38.5 KB
Lincolnshire Ladybird Survey Form (PDF)341.57 KB