Coastal Floods

The east coast took a battering on the evening of Thursday 5 December 2013. A tidal surge two metres above normal levels flooded coastal nature reserves.

Some of our best loved nature reserves; Donna Nook, Gibraltar Point and Far Ings, were severely affected. Freshwater habitats were inundated with salty seawater. The long term impact is difficult to predict but water voles, freshwater fish, frogs and wildflowers such as orchids aren’t adapted to survive in the salty conditions they may now be in.

The tidal surge also damaged paths, tracks, gates, fencing, noticeboards and information huts. The two visitor centres at Gibraltar Point and Far Ings were flooded. As well as these three large reserves, nature reserves in the south bank of the Humber SSSI and on the edge of the Wash were also affected.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust hasn't experienced anything on this scale before. Though we have insurance for some of our losses we need support to ensure we can restore these places for wildlife and for people to enjoy.

With your support and the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers, we can repair the damage and help habitats recover.