Gibraltar Point is a dynamic stretch of unspoilt coastline running southwards from the edge of Skegness to the mouth of the Wash.

Gibraltar Point impresses by its sheer scale and diversity of wildlife but to appreciate it fully you need to see it in different seasons. 

In spring, when the first of the migrants stop off to refuel or establish territories. In summer, little terns may be seen fishing in the shallows and skylarks are in full song above the purple haze of the saltmarshes. In autumn, huge whirling flocks of waders can be seen on the high tides. And in winter, there brent geese, shorelark and snow bunting as well as flocks of redwing and fieldfare. 

Opening times

The reserve is open all year.

A catering van, portacabin and toilets are provided in the car park.
Hot and cold drinks, homemade soup, homemade burgers and sausage rolls, bacon rolls, breakfast rolls, freshly made sandwiches, cakes and biscuits are available from the catering van.

Our catering van and portacabin are open from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

The Visitor Centre, cafe and Wash Study Centre are closed due to flooding caused by the storm surge in December 2013. 

Storm Surge - December 2013

The nature reserve, Visitor Centre and Wash Study Centre were flooded by the storm surge on the evening of 5 December 2013.

The saltmarsh and main car park at Gibraltar Point do occasionally flood on the highest of tides but staff had never seen anything like the floods caused by the storm surge. The flood defence bank called ‘Bulldog Bank’ breached in five places from the sheer weight of the water. The Gibraltar Point visitor centre, café and study centre was flooded to a depth of half a metre causing damage so severe that the entire centre needs rebuilding.

Please visit the Coastal Flood Appeal pages for further information.

Update September 2014: Exciting plans unveiled for a new £1m visitor centre at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve.


Most paths are level and well surfaced but can be muddy at times.
Some of the hides are accessible to wheelchairs.
Dogs may be taken on parts of the reserve on short leads but are not permitted on the beach from 1 April to 1 September.

How to get there

Gibraltar Point is about 3 miles south of Skegness, follow the brown tourist signs.
The nearest bus and train stations are in Skegness. It is possible to arrange a bus to Gibraltar Point using the CallConnect service.

Car Park

There is a charge for parking at Gibraltar Point: £1 for 2 hours, £3 for the day. 
A combined car parking season ticket for Gibraltar Point and Snipe Dales is available for £10 for 12 months.
The season ticket is available at the Snipe Dales Office, Gibraltar Point Visitor Centre or by post from: Banovallum House, Manor House Street, Horncastle LN9 5HF
Please make cheques payable to "Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust". Mark your envelope CPST and enclose a stamped addressed envelope.




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