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Wildlife in August 2015

Posted: Tuesday 1st September 2015 by WhisbyWarden

Maurice's MeadowMaurice's Meadow

Wildlife in August 2015

The monthly WeBS count on 15th yielded 43 Canada Goose; 2 Common Sandpiper; 1 Common Tern; 163 Coot; 16 Cormorant; 1 Egyptian Goose; 73 Gadwall; 16 Great Crested Grebe; 3 Grey Heron; 57 Greylag Goose; 5 Little Egret; 5 Little Grebe; 38 Mallard; 15 Moorhen; 16 Mute Swan; 2 Pochard; 1 Ruff; 8 Shoveler; 1 Teal; 134 Tufted Duck.

An Arctic Tern and a Black Tern were both at Apex Pit on 14th.
2 single Blackcaps were noted during the latter half of the month.
The only Black–tailed Godwit appeared at Teal Lake on 27th.
Soaring Buzzards were regular visitors but 5 were seen together on 6th.
53 Canada Geese were counted at Teal Lake on 29th.
The first Coal Tit for some time appeared at Willow Lake on 15th.
There were 15 Common Gulls at Teal Lake on 2nd.
The passage of Common Sandpipers continued with up to 3 present daily from 14th, almost all at Teal Lake.
There was a female Common Scoter at Apex Pit on 22nd.
Up to 5 Common Terns remained mostly at Apex Pit and Teal Lake until 19th.
1-2 Dunlin were seen at Teal Lake on several occasions until 14th, then another was at Grebe Lake on 28th.
Probably the final Garden Warbler of the year was spotted at Apex Pit on 4th.
A Goldcrest was at Grebe Lake on 1st.
Up to 30 Goldfinches fed at Redland’s old yard on 28th-29th. Given the large number of teasel heads on the site in general, it is a mystery why Goldfinches are not seen in numbers much more often.
Great Black-backed Gulls reached 20 by the end of the month, with the main build-up still to come.
The only Great Spotted Woodpecker reported was 1 at Teal Lake on 29th.
There were 3 Green Sandpipers at Teal Lake on 14th with just 1 the following day.
1-2 Green Woodpeckers were reported from the north of the reserve on several days during the first week.
Single Greenshanks visited Teal Lake on 3rd and 14th.
There appeared to be 7 Grey Herons divided between Grebe Lake and Teal Lake on 10th, a record count, for recent times at least.
Herring Gull numbers built up to 30 by mid-month at Teal Lake.
1-2 Hobbys have been in the general area of Teal Lake early and late in the month.
The largest of several departing groups of House Martins was 50 at Thorpe Lake on 26th.
18 Kingfisher observations during the month came from Teal Lake, Grebe Lake, and Dragonfly Lakes. 3 separate birds seen on 29th.
The largest flock of Lapwings resting at Teal Lake was 73 on 17th.
Lesser Black-backed Gulls gradually built up to a maximum of 175 at Teal Lake on 21st.
1-2 Lesser Whitethroats continued to turn up until end of the month.
Up to 3 Linnets were occasionally seen at Redland’s old yard.
5-6 Little Egrets have frequently been encountered, mostly at Teal Lake.
A brood of 3 Little Grebes fledged successfully at Willow Lake. Unusually, 2 were present at Thorpe Lake on 30th.
A Nightingale was seen at Teal Lake on the late date of 11th.
Single Oystercatchers turned up at Teal Lake on 1st and Thorpe Lake on 7th.
A juvenile Peregrine has been very frequently seen at Teal Lake and occasionally elsewhere throughout the month.
A Redstart turned up at Redland’s old yard on 28th and it or another was seen the following day nearby, north of Coot Lake.
Probably the last Reed Warbler for the year was seen at Teal Lake on 14th.
Single Ringed Plovers were identified at Teal Lake on 8th and 18th.
Ruff visited Teal Lake as follows; 2 on 14th, 1 on 15th and 4 on 18th.
The only Sand Martin recorded was at Teal Lake on 18th.
A Short-eared Owl with a possibly damaged wing but well able to fly, was seen at Teal Lake on 2nd. A most unusual record.
A single Siskin was at Magpie Walk on 8th.
2 Snipe appeared at Teal Lake on 14th.
Single Sparrowhawks were reported across the reserve on 6 occasions.
Migrant Spotted Flycatchers we5re reported on 29th at Teal Lake and 30th at Thorpe Lake.
Small numbers of Stock Doves were often to be seen at Teal Lake.
A late brood of 3 Swallows in ‘The Barn’ at Thorpe Lake fledged, but one was found dead on the ground on 30th, when another left the nest successfully. However there was persistent rain almost from that time on through the following day, and the 80 or so Swallows present in that area on the 30th had departed overnight. Although the parents seemed to have deserted their third chick during the very wet 31st, they did return to continue feeding the following day.
The last Swift was observed at Thorpe Lake on 27th.
A Tawny Owl called at Teal Lake early on 27th.
Up to 9 Teal were at Teal Lake during the last two weeks.
The first returning Tree Sparrow w3as near the feeders on 15th.
Around 50 Tufted Duck were at Teal Lake after the first week.
Probably the last Whitethroats of the year were seen at Redland’s old yard at the end of the month.
3 Wigeon were at Willow Lake on 7th and another 3 at Teal Lake on 19th.
A Willow Tit was recorded at Dragonfly Lakes early in the month.
Single Willow Warblers were observed with the last at Thorpe Lake peninsula on 22nd.
1-2 Yellow-legged Gulls were identified at Teal Lake early in the month. Subsequently, up to 4 appeared resident at the Millennium Green Lake further east.

The apparently very rare Rhombic Leather-bug was discovered during an Identification Workshop at the Whisby Education centre on 1st. It was the first record in the county since 1901!
During pond-dipping for public display through the month, the less common water-bugs catured were up to 3 Water Stick Insects and one each of Water Measurer and Water Scorpion.

Banded Demoiselle, Black-tailed Skimmer, Brown Hawker, Emperor Dragonfly, Four-spotted Chaser, Migrant Hawker, and Southern Hawker were reported.

Brimstone, Brown Argus, Common Blue, Holly Blue, Painted Lady, Peacock, Red Admiral and Small Copper were the species reported.

An adult Humming-bird Hawk-moth was recorded on 23rd and an Elephant Hawk-moth was seen in the Orchid Glade on 12th.

Bank Vole, Fox and Weasel were the only mammals reported.

Plants reported in new areas were Devil’s-bit Scabious in the Grebe Lake railway verge (previously in Orchid Glade) and Zig-zag Clover in Orchid Glade (previously at Teal Lake).

The well established terrapin, the Red-bellied Cooter was seen at Grebe Lake on several occasions, and Common Lizards were spotted on the railway path near the A46 bridge during the third week.


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