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Wildlife in May 2014

Posted: Tuesday 9th June 2015 by WhisbyWarden

Teal Lake from the west

Wildlife in May 2014

The monthly WeBS count on 16th revealed; 13 Canada Goose; 13 Common Tern; 63 Coot; 10 Cormorant; 10 Gadwall; 11 Great Crested Grebe; 36 Greylag Goose; 3 Lapwing; 9 Lesser Black-backed Gull; 43 Mallard; 11 Moorhen; 14 Mute Swan; 5 Oystercatcher; 38 Tufted Duck.

The only 2 Arctic Terns to be seen were at Teal Lake on 18th.
As many as 70 Blackcaps were counted on the reserve in a co-ordinated survey on 8th.
There were still some small groups of Bullfinches, e.g. 6 at Coot Lake on 5th and 5 at Teal lake on 21st.
A total of 5 Buzzards were seen between Coot Lake and Teal Lake on 13th and 4 together at Sandhills on 13th.
Broods of Canada Goose were seen at Grebe Lake and Thorpe Lake by mid-month.
A Caspian Gull was identified at Teal Lake on 20th.
35 Chiffchaffs were counted across the reserve on 8th.
Single Common Sandpipers were seen at Teal Lake on 6th and 18-19th.
Common Terns were significantly reduced from last year’s numbers and the breeding situation was hardly settled by the end of the month, but less than ten pairs seem to be nesting.
Single Cuckoos were reported calling from various localities north of the railway throughout the month.
The migration of Dunlins was observed entirely at Teal Lake with 1-4 noted on 6 dates.
36 Garden Warblers were located across the reserve in a co-ordinated count on 8th. 23 were counted south of the railway on 15th.
At Thorpe Lake a pair of Great Crested Grebes hatched 3 young of which at least 2 reached the half-grown stage by the end of the month.
A Great Spotted Woodpecker was seen in the Coot Lake area on two occasions.
2 Green Woodpeckers were present, at Coot Lake and Teal Lake, on 13th.
A summer plumaged Grey Plover was photographed at Teal Lake on 11th. They are rarely seen inland.
Hobbys were observed on 5 occasions during the month.
The only notable number of House Martins reported was 100+ across the reserve on 16th.
One or other of the Kestrels was reported around the nestbox on 4 occasions to mid-month.
One Lapwing at Teal Lake on 22nd appeared to be displaying in flight.
Lesser Whitethroats were recorded at Coot Lake, Thorpe Lake and Teal Lake.
Single Little Egrets at Teal Lake were noted on four occasions.
1-4 (usually 2-3) Little Ringed Plovers appeared at Teal Lake throughout the month.
4 Mediterranean Gulls, 3 of them fully adult, at Thorpe Lake all month showed no interest at all in breeding.
Singing Nightingales returned in the same numbers as last year, 12, but the song was often intermittent owing to persistent cool winds during the month.
There was a welcome visit from an Osprey which flew over Teal Lake on 9th.
The Oystercatcher pair at Thorpe Lake failed during the month and did not make another attempt. The failed pair on Grebe Lake nested again, and a pair nested at Teal Lake.
One of a pair of Peregrines nesting locally took a Common Tern and a Black-headed Gull from Teal Lake on 20th.
A Red Kite was reported flying over Teal Lake on 20th.
Up to 4 Reed Buntings were recorded across the reserve on 8th.
Apart from the well-established colony of Reed Warblers at Grebe Lake, up to 5 were counted at Teal Lake from the viewing screen.
Up to 3 Ringed Plovers passed through Teal Lake between 12th-21st.
A female Ruff was picked out at Teal Lake on 22nd.
Although over 100 Sand Martins were counted on 3 separate occasions, for the second year running none have stayed to breed.
4 Sanderlings at Teal Lake on 18th comprised their first appearance on the reserve for 22 years.
A total of 6 Sedge Warblers were counted across the reserve on 8th.
Up to 3 Shelducks were present at Thorpe Lake almost daily through the month.
1-2 Shovelers were occasionally recorded at Teal Lake.
The first Spoonbill, for the reserve, an immature, was briefly seen feeding at Teal Lake on 19th.
Stock Doves are probably nesting as usual under the parapet of the A46 bridge.
At least 40 Swallows fled before a heavy rain shower at Teal Lake on 6th. One pair has nested in the roof of the Barn interpretation building.
Heavy rain on 6th also brought in at least 400 Swifts to Teal Lake. There were at least 500 there on 18th.
8 Teal remained at Teal Lake on 3rd.
1-2 Tree Sparrows stayed at the feeders throughout the month.
A co-ordinated count across the reserve revealed 8 Whitethroats but 10 were counted south of the railway two days later.
The same count revealed 41 Willow Warblers with 23 south of the railway on 15th.
A Yellow Wagtail fed amongst cattle at Teal Lake on 13th.
The only Yellow-legged Gull was a Teal Lake on 11th.

These were particularly poorly recorded during the month. Cool weather kept numbers right down. Only Brown Argus, Common Blue, Holly Blue and Small Copper were mentioned in records.
Chimney Sweeper moths were present as usual along the Pike Drain and occasionally elsewhere.

Azure Damselflies, Common Blue Damselflies, Hairy Dragonfly, Large Red Damselfly and Red-eyed Damselfly were recorded.

There were records for Fox, Muntjac and Water Vole during the month.

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