Central Lincolnshire Local Plan

Central Lincolnshire covers the West Lindsey District, North Kesteven District and City of Lincoln Council areas. In September 2012 the Trust submitted comments in response to the draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Core Strategy. In March 2013 comments were submitted on the draft Core Strategy area polices for Lincoln, Gainsborough and Sleaford. Comments were then submitted in September 2013 on the submission version of the Local Plan Core Strategy.

In December 2013 the Trust was informed by the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee that the Core Strategy was being withdrawn following concerns raised by the Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State to examine it. The Inspector had concerns about the two plan process that was being adopted by Central Lincolnshire, with the Core Strategy being followed by the Allocations Plan in 2016. The Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit will now be preparing a single Local Plan which is programmed to be completed by 2016.

Following the decision to prepare a Local Plan, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust submitted comments in November 2014 on the consultation for the preliminary draft Local Plan. Comments were also submitted in November 2015 on the Local Plan further draft consultation, the Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document and the Infrastructure Delivery Plan.


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