2018 Award Winners

Lincolnshire Environmental Awards 2018

Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

2018 Awards Winners

Overall winners - Minster Surfacing

Anglian Water Business Award - Minster Surfacing
Orsted Community Award - Market Deeping Town Council
Branston Ltd Rural and Farming Award - HMP North Sea Camp
FCC Young Environmentalist Award - St Margaret's CE Primary School, Withern

Overall and Business Award winners

Minster Surfacing

Minster Surfacing

Overall and Business Award

The overall winner and Anglian Water Business Award was presented to Minster Surfacing.

Minster Surfacing is one of the first companies in the UK to be using technology which enables it to recycle material removed from old roads to be used again for new surfaces.

People tend to think of road surfacing as a dirty, pollutive industry but we’re proving that it’s possible to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our work and improve our service as a result. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to achieve so far.
Bruce Spencer-Knott
Managing Director of Minster Surfacing

Up to 85% of roads across the country contain coal tar, which is deemed hazardous and can cost up to £100 per tonne to send to landfill. Minster Surfacing is able to convert removed material into Foambase and binder course products, creating a safe and durable product which can be used again.

Foambase is a foamed bitumen product developed by OCL Regeneration. The production of Foambase produces 32% less CO2 than traditional hot asphalt and can it be laid using the same tools and techniques.

While Minster Surfacing is currently able to recycle around 50% of the material it removes from roads, plans are in place for it to increase its recycling capability with the addition of a mobile Foambase recycling plant at its headquarters. This will significantly reduce the distance that material has to travel to be used on-site and it will enable the company to recycle even more.

The runners-up in the Anglian Business Award were the British Hardwood Tree Nursery and Lincolnshire Eco Arborists.

Rural and Farming Award

HMP North Sea Camp

HMP North Sea Camp

Rural and Farming Award

The Branston Ltd Rural and Farming Award was presented to HMP North Sea Camp.

The 200 acre prison farm is run with a strong emphasis on conservation working with traditional breeds of livestock and training prisoners in land based activities and recycling. Woodland and hedge rows have been planted, bird and bat boxes installed and recycling is encouraged. Prisoners also support several community projects such as Boston in Bloom, local conservation projects and churches.

The runners-up in the Rural and Farming Award were the Artisan Honey Company and Merlin Renewables.

Community Award

Market Deeping Town Council

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Community Award

The Orsted Community Award was presented to Market Deeping Town Council.

Rectory Paddock in Market Deeping, a meadow with trees and a small pond, was purchased by the town council some 20 years ago had become neglected. For the last three years a small team of volunteers has helped maintain the land:- three boundary hedges have been planted, wild flowers have been planted, blanket weed has been conquered and the pond is now crystal clear spring water covered by several varieties of Lily. A swift tower with 21 boxes and spaces for bats and a solar powered bird call system have been installed. The are is ow an oasis for wildlife near the town centre. Deer, foxes, sparrowhawk and owls have been seen as well as a variety of birds insects and flowers.

The runners-up were the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust for their project Restoring the River Slea and the Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company.

Young Environmentalist Award

St Margaret's CE Primary School

Misty Hutton

Young Environmentalist Award

The FCC Young Environmentalist Award was presented to St Margaret's CE Primary School, Withern.

The finals of the Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award were held at the Education Centre, Whisby Nature Park, on 3 May 2018. All the schools gave inspiring presentation on their environmental work which including creating habitats for wildlife in school grounds, growing organic vegetables and keeping bees. The judges were particularly impressed with St Margaret's CE Primary Schools commitment to outdoor learning and environmental work in the wider community.

The school in Withern near Alford has an outdoor learning space with an organic growing area, outdoor science laboratory, a unique outdoor centre for mathematics, botanical gardens, a pond which now has frogs and newts, butterfly garden and ‘bug hotels’. They hold an annual pumpkin day and produce their own organic apple juice.

But their environmental works also extends beyond the school boundary. Every member the school community is responsible for surveying the local woodlands, fields and water ways and contributes environmental data which is written up to share with the whole local community and fed into national surveys.

We are absolutely delighted to win this award. Both pupils and staff have been working very hard over a number of years to improve the school grounds for the benefit of the environment as well as developing opportunities to learn about the natural world. This award will give us the encouragement to continue on this journey and work even closer with our local community.
James Siddle
Head Teacher St Margaret's CE Primary School

The runners-up in the Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award were Boston West Academy and Burton Hathow Preparatory School. Ancaster CofE Primary School and St Michael’s CofE Primary School each received a Highly Commended Award.