Nature Partnerships

Rachel Scopes

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is playing an active role in two Local Nature Partnerships.

Local Nature Partnerships are a Central Government initiative that seek to raise awareness and help everyone get more involved in the natural world, bringing together the work of the economic, social, cultural and environmental sectors of society.

Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

The Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership (GLNP) was one of the first Government-accredited Local Nature Partnerships in the country. It was launched in November 2012.

It represents over 45 organisations working together to achieve more for nature across Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North-East Lincolnshire, builds on the success of its predecessor organisation the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Partnership and is set within the global framework of biodiversity conservation.

GLNP co-ordinates the Lincolnshire Biodiversity Action Plan, manages the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre and co-ordinates the Local Sites system recognising sites of wildlife or geological importance, and co-ordinates the Geodiversity Strategy.

By working across four thematic areas: farming with nature, planning with nature, enjoying nature and being well with nature; it brings organisations together to develop a shared vision for the natural environment, identify common aims and help everyone to work and live more closely with nature.  

GLNP is based in the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Headquarters, Banovallum House in Horncastle. 

Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership





Humber Nature Partnership

The Humber Estuary is internationally important for wildlife. It is designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Special Protection Area (SPA) under the Habitats Regulations. It is also internationally important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. These designations form a European Marine Site (EMS).

The Humber Nature Partnership works with its members and others to deliver the sustainable management of the Humber Estuary European Marine Site.

The work of the partnership work fits into three main categories:

  • Delivery of the Humber Management Scheme
  • Providing ecological services to members
  • Developing and implementing projects to help meet the Humber's Conservation Objectives

The partnership also hosts and provides the secretariat for the Humber Nature Forum. 

Humber Nature Partnership