Saving Swinn Wood

Swinn WoodSwinn Wood - Barrie Wilkinson

Make a gift today in memory of Ted Smith and help save Swinn Wood

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust has the chance to save Swinn Wood from inappropriate management. On the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds near Aby, it’s an ancient woodland described as probably one of the most significant ancient woodland sites in the county. It is also likely to be a remnant of the original Wildwood which once covered most of Britain.

Trust founder member and former President, the late Ted Smith, visited the wood on a tour reviewing the woodlands of the Wolds edge in May 2009. He noted dense re-growth of hazel coppice with bluebell, wood anemone and early purple orchid still surviving:

“Our impression is that this is still a rich wood with conservation management potential.”

The purchase of the wood is partly funded with the legacy left by Ted Smith to the Trust. By making a donation you will be helping with the purchase of the wood as well as the introduction of conservation management.

Ted Smith wrote: “Our woodland reserves are full of treasures to delight the senses and excite interest but without continuing management, carefully planned and executed, their richness would deteriorate. Paradoxically perhaps it is thus that we can perpetuate much of the flora and fauna of the wildwood - and that applies to most of the habitats in our nature reserves - it is what conservation management is all about.”

Swinn Wood Factfile

  • 20 hectares / 49.42 acres
  • Grid ref: TF420779
  • Oak/ash and coppice
  • Designated a Local Wildlife Site, unfortunately this gives little protection
  • Seven ponds within the wood
  • One of the Middle Marsh woodlands of the eastern Wolds edge

Your donation will help purchase the wood to maintain the colourful carpet woodland flowers and ensure that the chorus of bird song is always a sound of spring in Swinn Wood.

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