Thank you to all supporters of the Woodhall Spa Airfield Appeal

We are deeply grateful to all the support we have received for our appeal to buy the former RAF Woodhall Spa Airfield. 

£450,000 was donated by WREN’s Biodiversity Action Fund Land Purchase Programme and a further £100,000 came as a legacy donation from Robert Thomas Pearson.

The Trust also received substantial public donations and wishes to thank the many donators and fundraisers who helped make this purchase possible.

We have had generous donations from people living locally to the airfield and those further away, from across the UK as well as from the United States and Canada. As well as those who have donated in memory of family who died in action and, in memory of the original ‘Dambuster’ aircrew. 

For more information about the purchase please read the press release: Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust completes purchase of Woodhall Spa Airfield


“Kirkby Moor in character and ecology belongs to the Brecklands of East Anglia which also lie on the edge of the Fenland. Remnant of a vanished landscape though it is, there is something of the spaciousness and solitude about the place. I feel it whenever I cross the dusty track especially perhaps in spring when the woodlarks are singing that loveliest of bird songs, and on summer days of billowing white clouds in a blue sky and the heather showing purple. A magical place Kirkby Moor. It would be a great achievement to recreate more of it.”
Ted Smith, President, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust


“It is really exciting that one of 617 Squadron’s Second World War airfields may be preserved thanks to the significant efforts of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. If they are successful in their bid to buy the Woodhall Spa airfield, the public will be able to enjoy a wonderful nature reserve in a location that has strong links with the Dambusters, the Royal Air Force’s most famous Squadron.”
Wing Commander D S Arthurton | OC 617 Sqn, RAF Lossiemouth


"What I am imaging, in about five years' time, is being there perhaps at sunset, because the flights very often took off in the early evening so they were over their targets in Germany by the middle of the night. I suspect one will sense the presence of the people. There may just be something going on beyond the nature and the peace and quiet in this big empty space, so you can almost see the bombers trundling off, knowing that so many of them did not come back."
Chris Williams whose father, John Williams, was a Lancaster bomber pilot at Woodhall Spa


“As a young teenager I lived one year at Kirkby Moor. I have memories of red squirrels in the pine trees, sunbathing adders, once even a Lancaster less than three yards from my brother’s bedroom window.”
Dora Garner, who lived at Kirkby Moor on the edge of the airfield in 1942/43


"This venture can only enhance the public's visits and also help to attract a wider audience for both aviation heritage and wildlife."


“I believe the full acquisition of the site by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is a fantastic idea and will not only ensure the future of the Aviation Heritage of RAF Woodhall Spa, but ensure the wildlife has a safe haven that all ages can enjoy and learn about.”