Mareham Pastures Local Nature Reserve wins the 2016 Lincolnshire Environmental Award

Friday 27th May 2016

2016 Overall Winner Mareham Pastures with Young Environmentalist Winner Ruskington Chestnut Primary School, Business Winner Flintwood Farm Holidays and Rural & Farming Winner Brackenborough Hall with sponsors Anglian Water, Centrica, FCC Environment and Branston Ltd

A great night for the Sleaford area saw Mareham Pastures Local Nature Reserve win the overall 2016 Lincolnshire Environmental Award and Ruskington Chestnut Primary School win the Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award. In other categories Flintwood Farm Holidays won the Business Award and Brackenborough Hall won the Rural & Farming Award.


The 2016 Lincolnshire Environmental Awards were held on Thursday 26 May 2016 at the Bentley Hotel in Lincoln. The Awards are organised by Lindum Lincoln Rotary Club and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and sponsored by Anglian Water, Centrica, FCC Environment and Branston Ltd. The 2016 overall Lincolnshire Environmental Award was presented by Professor David Bellamy. (see below for photos)

2016 Overall Winner and Centrica Community Award Winner: Mareham Pastures Local Nature Reserve

Mareham Pastures Local Nature Reserve was created on the site of an old waste tip. The reserve is a community led and volunteer based project, which has developed the area as a local nature reserve. The judges of the Lincolnshire Environmental Awards were impressed by the strong community involvement in the project which has enhanced local wildlife and created a beautiful place for people to visit. With support from Lincolnshire County Council thousands of trees have been planted, which are now developing into small areas of woodland within the grassland environment of the reserve. The nature reserve has seen wildflowers flourish, which in turn has created a rich ecosystem for insects, birds and other wildlife.

2016 Centrica Community Award Runners up:

Highly commended: Boston in Bloom

Boston in Bloom is a project by Boston Borough Council that works with local people to use horticulture to improve the local environment. The project is wide reaching with resource management, green energy, recycling and a range of wildlife-friendly gardening projects and other environmental initiatives that feature strong community involvement and the use of volunteers.

Highly commended: Spirit of Sutterby 

Spirit of Sutterby is a community project led by the residents of Sutterby in the Lincolnshire Wolds that aims to explore the village and research its past, record its present and help with its future. Volunteers have spent many hours surveying local wildlife and exploring the archaeology of the village. This has led to a much better understanding of the history and nature of the area, helping management of the village for future generations.

2016 FCC Environment Lincolnshire Young Environmentalist Award Winner: Ruskington Chestnut C of E Primary School

In 2015 pupils at the school formed an ‘Eco Team’ to introduce a range of ideas to make the school more environmentally friendly. These ideas include energy spot checks, walk to school days, eco-themed plays and poster competitions, litter picking and the setting up of a Gardening Club in raised beds. These and many other ideas have helped foster a great positive attitude towards their local environment, encouraging recycling, energy conservation and sustainability.

Runners up:

Highly commended: William Alvey Primary School

William Alvey School has an agreement with Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant (which burns straw for energy) for free piped heating for 25 years. Seeing the benefits of renewable energy in action has helped the pupils understand more about energy conservation and the environment. They too have an Eco Team and are engaged in a number of activities to recycle more, reduce energy consumption and improve the natural environment.

Highly commended: Marton Primary School

Marton is a small school that is making a big impact to its carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency. Stickers and posters around the school encourage light saving and the energy efficient use of equipment. Outdoor areas have raised beds, play structures made from tree trunks and a small woodland trail where children learn about nature.

2016 Anglian Water Business Award: Flintwood Farm Holidays

This enterprise has been a passion of the owner, Andrew Tuxworth, for almost two decades. His commitment over the years has produced a superb environment for the paying guest. The accommodation is a reconstruction of the original farm buildings using the original materials. The farm has been made into a park for guests to enjoy whilst at the same time maintaining farming connections by letting some areas for local livestock. 18 hectares of wildflower meadow have also been created, providing a rich habitat for local wildlife. An Iron Age burial mound is also included on the site. Andrew's passion for what he has achieved is evident and now he passes it on to others to move forward whilst still retaining that passion.

Runners up

Highly commended: MidUK Recycling

MidUK use a range of techniques, including modern hi tech equipment to recycle many types of waste. Using specialised equipment they have adapted themselves they are able to sort huge quantities of waste and convert this into new products. Their innovative approach to waste conversion and recycling has made them a leader in this field. Staff are very committed and enthusiastic about the work they do. Much of the operation was done by the in house design team which continues to develop ways of handling difficult materials like mattresses and carpet. The site has regular contact with the local council and population particularly in the planning process for future development of the site.

Highly commended: Lewis Morgan Creative Timber

The business is run by Lewis whose background is in design and sculpture. He has put these strengths into a business which focusses on the young and their education. Lewis’s creations give schools the opportunity to utilize nature and the environment in creative and interesting ways. Children are also invited into the design process. Lewis is very committed to what he is doing and shows great enthusiasm.

2016 Branston Ltd Rural & Farming Award: Brackenborough Hall

As a successful Lincolnshire farming business, Brackenborough Hall has diversified by creating award winning self-catering accommodation in the Old Coach House. Heating of both houses on site is achieved through a renewable biomass energy generator. Much of the fuel comes from the woodland and park areas on the farm. A significant proportion of the electricity used, particularly during peak summer months, is generated by a solar array on the roof of the new shed. Judges were also impressed by the wealth of printed information available about the farm, local produce, local history and wildlife. The farm is in higher level stewardship, but a number of other environmental projects run alongside the required work

Runners up

Highly commended: Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project

Lincolnshire’s chalk streams are globally rare habitats due to the unique geography and geology that creates them but they are in decline. The Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project aims to protect these special wildlife habitats and works closely with local communities and landowners. Great enthusiasm from staff and volunteers has helped raise awareness and safeguard these special places. 

Highly commended: Stourton Estates

Stourton Estates run a successful farm business. Alongside the farm they have a forestry and wood chip business which improves the woodland by removing inappropriate trees and restoring native species. Visitor tours look at aspects of farming and woodland as well as the grounds of the old Stourton Hall. On the farm they are working on the use of cover crops to control black-grass problems but also, alongside reduced tillage operations, looking to cut fuel use and machinery weight. A potential benefit to the wider environment from cover cropping is that it should reduce the leaching of nitrates and phosphates.

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2016 Branston Ltd Rural & Farming Award: Brackenborough Hall